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12 October 2020

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Best 10-mile Times
Women 2020

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The fastest 10 mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2020

Angela Carpentera3crg20:46P8815 Sep
Kirsty McSeveneya3crg22:06P8815 Sep
Holly RamseyPoole Whs22:30P8815 Sep
Deborah SmithSouthdown Velo23:15P8815 Sep
Millie SkinnerSouthdown Velo23:17P8815 Sep
Lucy Mitchella3crg23:22P8815 Sep
Sonia LaurieNew Forest CC23:38P8815 Sep
Louisa CooperBournemouth Jubilee Whs23:54P8815 Sep
Louise DutchPoole Whs24:12P41527 Sep
Virginia McGeea3crg24:35P8815 Sep
Eva Zsigoovaa3crg26:18P8815 Sep
Rosie SimmonsUniversity of Southampton RC26:27P16420 Sep
Kym HarveyFareham Whs26:39P16420 Sep
Michelle WalterBournemouth Arrow CC27:35P16420 Sep
Lizzy StockerBournemouth Jubilee Whs27:50P16420 Sep
Katie YoupArÍte27:57P16420 Sep
Katie WestSalisbury Road & Mountain CC28:51P16415 Mar
Sien Van Der PlankUniversity of Southampton RC29:00P16415 Mar
Janine PattisonPoole Whs29:02P41527 Sep
Lucy PhillipsArÍte29:23P16420 Sep
Katy ParsonsSalisbury Road & Mountain CC29:32P16415 Mar
Beverley HardsNew Forest CC30:03P16420 Sep
Melissa CooperChapel Tri Junior Tri Club30:37P829A12 Sep
Debby FerreTri Team Wessex30:46P16420 Sep
Fran MarshmanPortsmouth North End CC31:48P829A12 Sep
Annie MannArÍte32:47P16420 Sep
Grace RichardsonPortsmouth North End CC32:47P829A12 Sep
Meghan ClaridgeHardley Runners34:07P16420 Sep
Laura PhillipsArÍte34:38P16420 Sep

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