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Cycling Time Trials


Best 25-mile Times
Men 2020

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The fastest 25-mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2020

Harvey McLeanVC St Raphael50:05P901/2523 Aug
Sam WadsleyPrimera-Teamjobs51:55P901/2523 Aug
Oliver HurdleUniversity of Southampton RC52:10P901/2523 Aug
Joe ParkerBlazing Saddles52:13P901/2523 Aug
Andy LangdownAtlas Clever RT52:46P901/2523 Aug
Matthew BuckleyVC St Raphael53:04P901/2523 Aug
James Fawcetta3crg53:34P901/2523 Aug
Neil Mackleya3crg54:09P901/2523 Aug
Peter YounghusbandPetersfield Tri Club54:45P901/2523 Aug
Brendan ReeseArmy Cycling55:02P901/2523 Aug
Kevin BakerVC St Raphael55:04P901/2523 Aug
Jordan GilesUniversity of Southampton RC55:21P901/2523 Aug
Max Doylea3crg55:35P901/2523 Aug
Andrew Thomasa3crg56:20P901/2523 Aug
Adrian TalleyPortsmouth North End CC58:45P901/2523 Aug
Ray ClaridgeNew Forest CC59:07P901/2523 Aug
Perry LeeSouthdown Velo59:20P901/2523 Aug
Luke CampbellChichester Westgate Tri Club59:26P901/2523 Aug
Thomas EptonUniversity of Southampton RC1:00:21P901/2523 Aug
Michael StevensFareham Whs1:01:18P901/2523 Aug
Paul MartinTeamSpy1:01:24P901/2523 Aug
Richard MilesBognor Regis CC1:01:24P901/2523 Aug
Robert CranstoneGS Vecchi1:01:30P901/2523 Aug
Mitchell CampbellUniversity of Southampton RC1:02:09P901/2523 Aug
David PattenBognor Regis CC1:02:11P901/2523 Aug
Marcus WiddessSouthampton Tri Club1:02:13P901/2523 Aug
Stuart ThompsonVC St Raphael1:02:31P901/2523 Aug
John Glayshera3crg1:02:44P901/2523 Aug
Graeme SmithBognor Regis CC1:04:12P901/2523 Aug
Arthur WaghornBognor Regis CC1:04:33P901/2523 Aug
Jonathan LaceySouthdown Velo1:04:36P901/2523 Aug
Philip WiseSouthdown Velo1:06:05P901/2523 Aug
Adrian WatkinsTornado Road CC1:06:41P901/2523 Aug
Mike Boycea3crg1:07:59P901/2523 Aug
Dave EnglandCrabwood CC1:08:25P901/2523 Aug
Peter HoltVC Venta1:08:46P901/2523 Aug
Simon HeronFareham Whs1:10:20P901/2523 Aug
David PothecarySouthdown Velo1:10:54P901/2523 Aug
Phillip StannardBognor Regis CC1:13:41P901/2523 Aug
Will KingBognor Regis CC1:14:22P901/2523 Aug
Simon Craig-McFeelya3crg1:15:26P901/2523 Aug
Ken Raysona3crg1:16:45P901/2523 Aug
Paul BeckHampshire RC1:20:46P901/2523 Aug

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